Billing information

Billing information (starting from 1.4.2019)

E-invoices: Please send your invoices to the following address:

Netled Oy (y-code 2136682-9)
E-invoicing address: 003721366829
Operator: Pagero
Operator code: 003723609900

Paper invoices: If you are using paper invoices, please send them to the following address. Note that all information must be visible in the scanned bill. Information on the envelope is not enough.

Netled Oy
OVT 003721366829
PL 908

Email invoices: Please send invoices via email to the following address admicom(at) Information of the receiver have to be clearly visible. Invoices must be in PDF-format and not encrypted. One email can include only one invoice. All attachments must be included in one PDF-file.

Using Pagero-portal: You can report your invoices directly to Pagero-portal at the following address: Please click the link FREE WEB PORTAL to register. After that, You can sign in and the invoice will be handled as a normal e-invoice.

Other releases and information: Please use our postal address

Netled Oy
Annanmaankuja 2 A 2

or email address: invoice[at]