Superior performance. Complete control and integration. We believe that Vera is the most advanced CEA farming platform in the world.

Vera is Netled’s proprietary CEA* farming system for industrial-scale growing. It is the only true end-to-end turn-key CEA farming solution on the market. Vera is designed for growing multiple types of crops such as lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, baby leaf, seedlings, berries, flowers, and many more in the horizon!

*Controlled Environment Agriculture


Vera Leafy Greens

Vera Leafy Greens is a vertical farming system designed specifically for growing, harvesting, and packing lettuce and other leafy greens. If you’re looking to grow lettuce with a high production rate, Vera Leafy Greens is a perfect solution for you.

Vera Herbs

Vera Herbs is a vertical farming system designed specifically for growing, harvesting and packing potted herbs. Herbs are sensitive plants and it requires a special know-how to create a perfectly optimal growing environment for them. With Vera Herbs, you’ll succeed with even these delicate plants.

Vera Berry

Vera Berry is a vertical farming solution suitable for growing strawberries or other continuous harvest cultivars and cultivars with similar growing space requirements such as cloudberry, or arctic raspberry.

The Vera Berry vertical farm utilizes all the benefits of controlled environment agriculture such as minimized growing risks, balanced year-round yield, and obviated pesticides and herbicides. Vera Berry has it all, its components elegantly designed to work in perfect harmony. From lighting to irrigation, everything is easily controlled via Vera automation.

Vera Berry brings harvesting into one location and dramatically reduces logistics and enables more plants per square meter than traditional strawberry cultivation methods.


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times bigger crop production size
less energy consumption
less water consumption

Why Vera – 8 reasons for the smartest choice


Optimized plant density along the crop cycle enables over 40% plants per growing area and up to 100x bigger yield than in horizontal cultivation.


Water, nutritions and CO2 are fed constantly and precisely to the plants. Saved water: up to 95% vs traditional systems.


Vera improves the look and taste of salads, allowing them to grow until harvesting time at the same speed. Compatible with organic, non-organic and pesticide-free production. Full traceability.


Growth speed increases up to 30–40% with our unique patent-pending LED lighting distributed for plants from above and below.


Our systems are designed for the best performance for the investment. Estimated OPEX+CAPEX savings 30–50% vs competition.


Closed cultivation process doesn’t pollute soil or waters. You can cut climate emissions to zero with 100% renewable energy.


Absolute control over air humidity heat energy circulation and cooling leads up to 60% energy savings.


Seamlessly integrated and automated IoT-based system needs little maintenance. You save time and worries. We support you with 100% care.

Seamlessly integrated and automated technology by Vera

Dynamic spacing system

In Vera, there are over 40% more plants in the growing area and even 8 times more in the floor area than in similar open field or traditional greenhouse cultivation. In Vera we use FIFO, ie. first in, first out flow through growing. In Vera the crop density is optimized and changed along the crop cycle.


Vera has a servo operated gutter movement system, which is already commonly used in traditonal greenhouses. The structure is made of high strength aluminium body, and the design is flexible and modular. The system can be built with easy instructions and factory assembled construction modules. Long lasting materials ensure longer lifecycle.


The automation of Vera serves as the core of managing the whole farming system. The system is reliable and firewall protected. All detective sensors feed the information of the operation, and automation manages the functions between the pre-set values. The smart IoT-based automation system has a very intuitive user interface (Vera OS) with an easy-to-use touch screen. The system collects data, which can be analyzed and used to create your own growing recipes.


Vera has a unique, patent pending LED lighting system, which produces optimal light for plants from above and below. The amount and distribution of light is always designed according to the needs of specific plants.


The modern processing of Vera includes, for example, seeding, transplanting and harvesting of the plants.


Vera can be combined to heat recovery systems. Integrated lighting, LED cooling and recovered heat together form a highly energy efficient system. Automation steers the climate and keeps the growing environment always optimal. Special optical design enables an even distribution of light to the plants. Vera makes the controlling of microclimate easy.


The irrigation system includes all water and fertilizer handling equipment as well as fully automated steering. In Vera we use NFT, ie. Nutrient Film Technique as a growing system. This technique is a developed version of the traditional hydroponic cultivation. Modular design enables diversity of plants in the same growing facility and also plant specific recipes. Nutrients and CO2 are fed constantly to the system, but not led back into the nature.


Vera Software for control and support

The highest level of hardware-software integration on the market.

  • Complete production automation from seed to retail
  • Complete control of facility humidity, lighting, nutrients, irrigation, automatic dynamic spacing of growing crops, thinning, harvesting, packing and boxing for delivery.
  • Direct remote connection to all Vera farms for technical and biological monitoring, fast diagnosis, pre-emptive service, steering, and consulting.

Vera Robotics for automation and optional performance

  • Latest innovations in robotics for automating the entire production flow
  • Transplanting, harvesting and packing of crops
  • Automatic gutter washing
  • Automatic palletizing and foil wrapping of pallets.

Vera Crop Recipes for productivity and quality

All the essential variables necessary for successful growing.

  • 56 adjustable parameters for each crop that can be fine-tuned for perfect yield and quality
  • Continuous development of technical parameters and cultivars
  • Standardized growing environment where all recipes work regardless of the Vera system in use

Netled’s Vera vertical farm begins commercial-scale herb production in Finland

Netled’s client, Tuoretarha Ltd., begins commercial-scale herb production using Netled’s proprietary Vera vertical farming technology in Pirkkala, Finland. The farm produces high-quality herbs sold under a new Finnish consumer brand “Vyrtti”. The herbs will be available for consumers in March 2023.

Netled signs €15 million contract with Oh My Greens to deliver Vera vertical farm to Sweden

Netled has signed a contract worth €15 million with Swedish herbs supplier, Oh My Greens

Groundbreaking vertical farming project with Vertigo Farms in Poland

Netled has completed its first entirely remote deal and delivery of Vera vertical farming technology to its Poland-based partner, Vertigo Farms.