A message from the CEO

“Netled is entering a phase of extremely fast growth as our cutting-edge technology penetrates further into the global vertical farming market. In response to this growth, we are rapidly scaling up our business with the single ambition of becoming the leading vertical farming technology provider in the world. Please join us on this exciting ride to the top!”

Niko Kivioja
CEO & founder, Netled Ltd.

Annual reports

Annual report 2021
Annual report 2020
Annual report 2019


EAKR-Aloitusrahasto Oy
58 436 shares (16,2 %)
Kivioja Esa Vilho
39 143 shares (10,1 %)
Winclean Oy
29 213 shares (8,1 %)
Saunaranta Invest Oy
25 100 shares (6,9 %)
Kivioja Niko-Matti
24 032 shares (6,6 %)
Booster Investment Oy
23 375 shares (6,5 %)
Kivioja Johanna Kristiina
21 900 shares (6,1 %)
Frontier Liquidity Oy
9 800 shares (2,7 %)
Thomasset Oy
8 367 shares (2,3 %)
Granberg Karl-Olof
6 871 shares (1,9 %)

Leadership Team

Niko Kivioja

Chief Executive Officer

Niko Kurumaa

Chief Operating Officer

Sanna Rosnell

Director, Administration

Markus Takala

Director, Project Management and Technical Operations

Markus Karema-Jokinen

Director, Farming Operations

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board, Jussi Rintanen

The Chairman of the Board, Jussi Rintanen, has worked for over 20 years in the service of industrial and law offices. His main fields are business reorganizations, business funding and the energy industry. Jussi has many years experience on the boards of SMEs.

Board Member, Seppo Lamberg

Seppo has had a long career in procurement and as a product development engineer at Nokia’s Salo factory. He has very broad experience in global procurement of electrical components as well as technical development work. He is a member of the board at Booster Investment Ltd.

Board Member, founding partner, Esa Kivioja

Esa is a serial entrepreneur whose longest entrepreneurial career was in controlled environment tomato growing. Esa founded the greenhouse company KKK-Vihannes Ltd. and ran the company for 25 years. The company produced approximately one million kilos of organic tomatoes every year and was the market leader in Finland. Esa sold his company in 2011. Nowadays he works as a microbrewery entrepreneur in addition to his work on the Netled board.

Board Member, Teuvo Rintamäki

Teuvo Rintamäki brings broad experience to the Netled board. During his career he has worked in numerous international leadership positions at Kone Ltd. and Konecranes Plc, where he was Chief Financial Officer for eight years. Teuvo also has 10 years experience on the boards of startups and growth companies such as Safedo Plc. PowerProfPartners Ltd. and Saunaranta Invest Ltd.

Board Member, Johanna Kivioja

Johanna is the Head of Procurement at Netled and a key specialist in the vegetable wholesale business. She has many years experience in vegetable production, wholesale activities, and farming technology as well as global food supply sourcing and logistics. She has a keen interest in business development with a specific focus on both cost efficiency and process efficiency.

Board Member, Rami Vuola

Rami Vuola is President & CEO at EPV Energia Ltd., a leader in emission-free energy generation. Rami has versatile experience in the power sector having served as Nordic Operations Manager for TXU Nordic Energy Ltd. and Power System Manager at Fingrid ensuring that the Finnish power system was operating both technically and economically in the best manner. He has expertise in M&A, power transmission, power production and trading. Rami is also a board member at TVO, Teollisuuden Voima Plc, a Finnish nuclear power company.

Auditor, Antti Saarinen, PWC