The Foodservice Conference, organized by IFPA (The International Fresh Produce Association), is an exclusive event dedicated to produce in foodservice. It serves as a platform for making connections, gaining insights, and discovering innovations to grow one’s business.

For Netled, this event offers an excellent opportunity to showcase the advantages of vertically farmed products from the perspective of professional kitchens. Participating from Netled are Sales Operations Manager Kasey Snyder and Head of Marketing and Communications Sanna Andersson.

“Produce grown in Netled farms is longer-lasting, higher in quality, and more substantial than conventional alternatives. For us, the key factors in fresh produce are quality, long shelf-life, reduced food waste, local sourcing, and environmental friendliness,” says Sami Lappalainen, a Finnish restaurateur who has been using herbs grown in Netled’s Vera farms since 2019.

Watch the entire interview here.