Rejlers assumes responsibility for project management in Netled’s customer deliveries using the EPCM (engineering, procurement, and construction management) model. The collaboration allows for the construction of industrial-scale facilities worldwide in line with Netled’s strategy, as well as resources to execute simultaneous projects on schedule and with consistent quality.

“For Netled, the partnership enables a focus on providing comprehensive solutions for vertical farming. Additionally, the agreement allows for faster business scalability as project delivery capacity significantly increases. By delivering commercial projects together with the strong project expertise of Rejlers, we can concentrate on production solutions that will enable us to directly serve retail chains and other food supply channels. These solutions consist of not only high-quality project delivery, but also superior Vera technology and skilled farm operations. Netled also focuses on developing vertical farming solutions for new crops and integration solutions for higher value-added markets”, says Netled CEO Niko Kivioja.

“Rejlers has solid experience in EPCM deliveries and we believe that this arrangement brings added value to the end customers of the deliveries, Netled and us”, says Aki Hakkarainen, leading Rejlers’ Industry division in Finland.

Six employees will transfer from Netled to Rejlers Finland Industry division on July 3, 2023 as old employees.

Contact information:

Niko Kivioja, CEO, Netled Ltd.
+358 50 360 8121

Sanna Andersson, Head of Marketing and Communications, Netled Ltd.
+358 40 358 4976