At the end of 2021, Netled signed a deal to deliver one of its Vera® vertical farming systems to Global Point, multibrand group based in Poland.

Construction, testing and commissioning of the Vera® vertical farming system is now complete and Global Point is ready to begin cultivation.

The Global Point Company was originally founded in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2012 as a producer of interior design products. It is the leader in decorative effects in the Polish market with 100 points of sale. Global Point is now expanding its portfolio to include fresh food production under the guidance of its owners who have previously developed food companies in Poland.

“We have had our Vera® vertical farming system now for a couple of months. The construction process went well, and we had a lot of support from the very experienced setup team at Netled and local company, Prime Solution. As soon as the construction was completed, we started to learn and test the system by growing different herbs and leafy greens. This also required frequent contact with Netled.” says Tomasz Szelag, CEO of Global Point.

“After the testing phase we also made some upgrades in the organization of our warehouse. So, now we are ready to start cultivation.” Szelag adds.

Food production with vertical farming

“Jeger are starting to expand their food production offering and they will now be able to produce leafy greens and herbs in the appropriate volumes for their existing customer base. The modular Vera® vertical farming system can also be easily scaled up as demand increases.” says Heikki Takko, Head of Sales at Netled.

“It is always a big moment when cultivation starts. Shipping, construction, and testing take time, so it is a great feeling when the vertical farm actually starts to produce plants.” Takko adds.

“We will continue to support them as they become more familiar with the Vera® vertical farming system.” he concludes.