“We have long term focus in developing our production. We have been the first to introduce new technologies in climate control and other areas of cultivation. We operate the logistics ourselves to be able to control the temperature during transportation and to ensure that the products are fresh when they reach the customers. Improving product quality is continuous work and we want to be among the pioneers when new tools and methods are discovered on that front.”

– Mikko Härkälä, grower, Härkälä nursery.

Studies show that sufficient amount of blue light at the end of lettuce production line ensures colorization of red lettuce varieties. In the greenhouse of Härkälä nursery, the colorization lighting with Netled Overhead Hybridluminaires is installed in the production line of Salanova lettuce. First crop with colorization lighting treatment was harvested at the end of February. The colorization was very successful and the effect of lighting treatment clearly visible.

Real work for the new colorization lighting will start next fall when daylight becomes scarce again.