Kyle talks to Niko about the benefits of his having a backgound in horticulture and an education in automation technology, as well as the importance of focusing on growing not just the technology.

Niko also talks about the importance of open commmunication between the different areas of controlled-environment agriculture.

Niko describes Netled’s position as a turn-key technology provider for vertical farming operations of all sizes from instore cabinets to mid-sized urban farms to very large-scale industrial vertcial farms. He also talks about the challenges of retro-fitting existing buildings for urban farms.

Niko discusses the increasing importance of vertical farming solutions for established greenhouse operations in growing fresh produce closer to the consumer.

Finally, Niko makes a couple of suggestions as to what might be possible with vertical farming in the near future.

A really great conversation with lots of insight from one of the most experienced experts in vertical farming.

You can listen to the full interview on the Crop Talk Media podcast site here:


Many thanks to Kyle Barnett for inviting Niko to talk.