In the episode, Niko talks about his family’s history of entrepreneurship in horticulture, how vertical farming changed the traditional idea of greenhouses, our Vera Instore solutions, expanding and building our first vertical farm in North America with our partners at Rambridge, our partnership with Vertigo Farms, shifting trends in demand, and the challenges and opportunities for growing the team as we go ever more international.

This is a fascinating glimpse inside one of the most well-established vertical farming technology companies in the world, and one of the most experienced experts in the industry.

As the host, Harry Duran, says: with over a decade of experience in vertical farming, Niko is an elder statesman of the industry.

Nothing beats experience!

The title of the episode is a little misleading, in that our key products are geared towards large vertical farms, although the technology is also perfect for Instore installations and urban farming solutions.

You can listen to the full interview on the Vertical Farming podcast site here:


Many thanks to Harry Duran at Vertical Farming Podcast for inviting Niko to talk.