This is the third time Netled is participating in Indoor AgTech, the CEA industry event that brings together the world’s leading growers, retailers, tech providers, seed companies, and investors.

Netled COO, Niko Kurumaa, will be speaking on the panel for Opening Plenary // Future Global Hotspots for High-Tech Indoor Farming along with fellow speakers: Daniele Modesto, CEO of ZERO VERTICAL FARMS, Jay Desan, Co-Founder of BOOMGROW, and Geraldo Maia, CEO of PINK FARMS. The panel is moderated by Sepehr Archard, CEO of IGROW NEWS, and it takes place on the 2nd day of the show at 9.15 am.

The panel will tackle crucial topics like:

  • How can CEA be implemented to help increase local supply and reduce the reliance on food imports?
  • From a single ingredient to a whole meal, where can increased varieties of indoor crops have the greatest effect on international food security?
  • Which regions are taking the lead in incentivising CEA for local food production and how can governments and regulators play a role in attracting companies to set up operations?

“Crops grown in Netled’s proprietary vertical farming system Vera have been sold in Europe since 2019. Within the past year, two commercial-scale Vera vertical farms have been commissioned in the Nordics. This is an optimal time for us to showcase and share our learnings and success with the American audience at Indoor AgTech. Looking forward to fruitful conversations!” says Niko Kurumaa, COO of Netled.

Watch the panel conversation here.

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