Last year was a period of immense growth as the company tripled its headcount. We now have multiple international projects ongoing, and our rapid growth continues.

To help navigate this expansion, we are thrilled to welcome Markus Takala to the team as Head of Projects.

Markus is an expert in productization and process development, project management, service & quality management and IT; Markus has extensive experience in leading large, demanding, and complex international projects for multinational companies.

Markus is also an experienced entrepreneur, who knows what it takes to start, build, and lead an internationally successful company.

Markus’ strong background in project management and process development, as well as his entrepreneurial mindset makes him the perfect choice to lead our expanding project team.

“I’ve followed Netled from the beginning, and I’ve been envious of what a great story the company has created. Now was just the right moment for me to join Netled, and I am really proud to be part of the team.”, Markus states.

“I want to combine my own expertise from a different industry with the Netled story and make it even stronger and more competitive. I bring with me methods, tools and systematicity, so we can respond to even bigger challenges”

“Ultimately, as Head of Projects, my goal is to ensure that the customer smiles.”

Complex projects call for expertise

Farming and growing crops has always been a complex matter. It is a fine balance of just the right amounts of everything, sunlight, water, nutrients, and so on. Vertical farming removes all the external conditions from the equation, but then has to replace them in just the right amounts using technology. In a facility that has to produce millions of pots of herbs of the highest quality every year, this is much easier said than done.

“We are the one-stop shop for vertical farming. What this means in very practical terms is that in addition to our proprietary Vera® vertical farming technology we also offer all the services and support our customers need to build a commercially viable vertical farming business. This includes the design and planning of the facility, shipping the equipment, building, installation and commissioning of the farm.

We also support our customers in getting their farm up to production volumes, and we provide a long-term maintenance agreement to ensure the technology performs optimally. All that is a lot to keep under control, but we will be in safe and capable hands with Markus.” says Niko Kivioja, CEO at Netled.

As the company keeps growing, it will continue recruiting with multiple positions opening up in Markus’ project team in the coming weeks, as well as sales, marketing, automation, design and HR positions.