Netled has developed unique vertical farm, with brand name Vera, for several years. Turn-key farming technology with intelligent automation has several benefits; it saves fresh water, energy and by process automation minimizes the need for manual work. Main automation is not only steering the equipment, but also includes ready growing recipes, which enables successful growing operations where ever the farm is grounded.

“We have studied Japanese market already for some time. These studies has shown, that there is a niche for our state-of-the-art technology and know-how. We have done successful co-operation with Mr. Tsuneo Tozawa, Company Executive of M2 Solution, already in previous projects. With their deep understanding and knowhow on Japanese market and actors we have strong support for our actions in Japan.” – Niko Kivioja, CEO, Netled Oy

In Japan there has been vertical farms already for many years. This is why the market is more ripe for next generation investments than any other market in the world. Rapid technological development of LED-technology is changing the farming scene all over the world.