The new model Overhead 550W offers a retrofit replacement for 1000W HPS lighting with PPF of 1 760 µmol and efficiency of 3,2 µmol /W. The model suits well for the growing of all plants.

Overhead 240W receives also an intensity update, and can deliver up to 735 µmol PPF, and efficiency of 3,0 µmol /W. The model is well suited for especially salads, herbs, flowers and other pot plants.

Netled’s CEO Niko Kivioja comments: ”With these updates, our Overhead series offers a highly energy efficient lighting investment opportunity with a remarkably shorter payback time. This has been our ultimate goal from the very beginning. Netled has designed and manufactured lighting solutions for full LED hybrid and full HPS and hybrid lighting solutions already for years. Our long history with different lighting combinations has enabled these successful results.”

Netled’s Overhead products are adjustable and can be attached to any greenhouse automation system. We can also offer our own software for lighting automation. When the lighting fixtures are digitally adjustable, it can be used for multiple purposes, like optimizing the use of electricity, seamless adjustment of light according to daylight and monitoring the lifetime and condition of fixtures.

Overhead 550W datasheet >

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