Netled and Salladsfabriken have entered into a partnership that will bring Netled’s Vera Instore Growing Cabinets to the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Salladsfabriken is a Helsinki-based vertical farming company that grows and delivers herbs and leafy greens to local shops and supermarkets in the Helsinki area. The partnership with Netled will see them begin to offer Vera Instore Growing Cabinets to their existing customers as well as offering maintenance services for the cabinets.

“We strongly believe in growing food locally, and this collaboration with Netled is the next natural step for us as a company.” explains Markus Liljestrand, CEO of Salladsfabriken.

“We have been growing herbs and leafy greens seedlings with our own vertical farming technology and delivering them to our customers in the Helsinki area. With the Vera Instore Growing Cabinets, our customers can continue to grow the herbs and leafy greens in store thus offering the freshest possible products to their customers.” he continues.

“The Vera Instore technology brings extra value to our customers and also to us. We see a clear rise in demand for locally grown produce, and envisage a day when every supermarket will have an instore growing cabinet .” Markus concludes.

The first example of the Vera Instore Growing Cabinet is located in the new Prisma Supermarket in Pirkkala on the outskirts of Tampere, Finland’s third largest city. The growing cabinet has been received with great enthusiasm from the Prisma store owners and customers alike, and there is a great deal of interest in bringing new in-store grocery experiences to customers in the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

“The Vera Instore Growing Cabinet is a great showpiece for any supermarket and produces extremely high-quality aromatic herbs and leafy greens. The growing conditions within the cabinet are fully automated and can also be adjusted remotely.” says Johanna Kivioja, Chief Procurement Officer at Netled.

“Salladsfabriken is a fantastic partner for us due to their existing customer base in the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area and their capability to also offer maintenance services for the growing cabinets to supermarkets and stores”,

“This partnership is a model that we want to replicate around the country and indeed around the world. We are actively looking for reseller partners for the Vera Instore Growing Cabinets in different markets”, she continues.

“I would encourage any business interested in becoming a reselling partner for Netled to get in touch. We’d love to discuss partnership opportunities with you”, Johanna adds.

More information:

Johanna Kivioja

Head of Procurement

Markus Liljestrand

CEO, Salladsfabriken Ltd.

+358 44 2750471

Robert Brooks

Investor Relations & Communications Manager