Netled is a comprehensive vertical farming expert offering both service and technology business solutions at industrial scale for vegetable and herb producers. We will offer expert services not only to our own Vera® technology customers, but also to other customers who are interested in vertical farming. Our service business solutions will become a major part of our company’s offering in the second half of 2022.

Our customers receive thorough guidance and support that includes not only Vera® production technology, but also complete process design and technical know-how. The advantages of our sophisticated technology include: lowest energy consumption, lowest production costs, highest level of automation as well as complete control over the seed-to-retail process.

”With the combination of the service business solutions and our proprietary Vera technology, we’ll be able to provide our clients with a broad assortment of resources, which will give them a true head start compared to competitors”, COO Niko Kurumaa states.

Along with the service business development, it is natural to update the brand visuals. The new brand image is designed together with the Design Studio Ritanen&Kormano.

”I believe our new brand visuals will differentiate us from the other players in the field in a positive way. And with it, our core message about the importance of vertical farming as part of the future of food production, will gain the attention it deserves”, Head of Communications Sanna Andersson says.

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