Aalto University’s vision is that vertical farming can produce fresh food with minimized CO2 emissions: The facilities could be constructed mainly from wood, and only renewable electricity could be consumed in the cultivation process. In addition, vertical farming would reduce the need for transport of products to consumers close to zero miles, and cultivated products could have even longer shelf life, resulting in less food waste.   

The panelists at the event are: 

  • Arttu Mäkinen, Doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki 
  • Henri Jaatinen, Cultivation expert at Novarbo Oy 
  • Harri Juntunen, Business Developer at Yield Systems Oy
  • Juuso Määttä, Technical Manager at Pinoa Foods
  • Niko Kivioja, CEO, Netled Ltd. 

The panel discussion will be led by Panu Miettinen from Aalto University and Titta Kotilainen from the Natural Resources Institute of Finland, Luke. 

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The entire event and discussion is now available to watch on our YouTube channel.