Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0 is an online conference and exhibition focused on increasing collaboration, productivity, efficiency, research, and innovation within the indoor farming sector. Its aim is to support the development of capabilities, best practices, and technology within the sector.

This year the conference has attracted over 450 industry attendees from over 250 international companies from more than 40 different nations.

Niko will be speaking about the possibilities of creating a business from vertical farming. He will cover topics such as:

  • key-factors which affect the viability and feasibility of a vertical farming business
  • a comparison between a vertical farm and a greenhouse regarding Opex, profit, and yield
  • a case study of a vertical farming business

This edition of CEA 4.0 will look at the strategic context of ongoing, future programmes and developments within CEA, while also delving deep into the core topics of the various methods of growing associated with CEA, Capex, Opex, standardisation & interoperability, sustainability, education, policy, biological processes, energy requirements, digital technology used, and research & innovation in the sector.

Niko´s talk takes place at 11.50 on Friday 14th May, 2021.

Tickets to attend the online conference can be purchased from the CEA 4.0 website:
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