The AGM adopted the financial statements for the extended financial period and discharged the Board of Directors and CEO from liability. Teuvo Rintamäki, Esa Kivioja, Johanna Kivioja, Seppo Lamberg and Ilari Alajoki were re-elected to the Board, and Jussi Rintanen was elected as a new member. Rintanen has extensive professional experience from the industrial business, and currently works as a partner at Palaja Rintanen & Co Attorneys.

The Board held an organising meeting immediately after the AGM, re-electing Teuvo Rintamäki as its Chairman.

The turnover of Netled was 767 thousand euros in the 18-month period which ended on the 30th September 2020 and was 32% more than in the previous 18-month period. The net result was –1 054 thousand euros (-42%) and equity 1 404 thousand euros (+28%).

According to Netled’s CEO, Niko Kivoja (pictured), Netled has invested heavily in technology, personnel, and marketing in order to expand the company’s reach in European, North American, and Asian markets.

“We have recently exported our first vertical farms to Poland and Sweden, and sold our first vertical farm to Canada”, Kivioja says.

“We believe that Netled is in a strong position to acquire the number one position in this technology in the next few years. The world needs new solutions for sustainable food production, and our focus will remain on exploiting this market potential which is extremely large.”

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Niko Kivioja

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Brooks

Investor Relations & Communications Manager