In organic production, when organic fertilizers are used, precise fertilization is not an option. However, using white light, the uptake of nutrients can be balanced. White light contains blue wavelengths that ensure the good quality and aromatic taste of herbs.

Today, at least 95 percent of Orto Novo’s energy consumption consists of renewable energy sources. For example, Orto Novo’s greenhouses are heated and cold rooms cooled by using geothermal energy. Compared to the old HPS technology, the energy save in LED lighting is notable. Thus, also the use of LED lighting in the organic production, fits the company well.

Orto Novo’s CEO Alvar Kårfors comments: ”As an organic grower ecological choices and energy efficiency are especially important to us. By investing to LED lighting, our consumption of electrical energy has decreased remarkably. At the same time, we can produce even better quality produce to our customers also during the dark winter months.”