The whole project has been delivered by Finnish operators, and mainly by using domestic technology. The vertical farm has been built by Kainuu vocational school, and Robbes Lilla Trädgård Ab has acted as the general contractor in the project.

In addition of being the most northern vertical farm, Seppälä vertical is also the most vastest vertical project for teaching and research purposes in the world. “The Seppälä vertical enables great facilities to educate versatile growers and do important research in the field. This will also be an immense help for the companies developing vertical farming technology”, comments Netleds’s CEO Niko Kivioja.

The Seppälä vertical farm serves as a good example on the benefits of vertical farming: the location even in the northern parts of the world doesn’t influence the farming process.

The first test batch to be grown in Kajaani will include micro-sized seedlings of strawberries. Recipes for growing will be created along the project. The overall incentive is to better understand the plant and also the whole growing process. In the future, Seppälä vertical farm is aiming to be completely carbon neutral production method and run on solar power.

Watch a news clip from Finnish Broadcasting Media Yle of Kajaani vertical farm (00:28 – 03:03, in Finnish):