Steelmark operates from the Närpes area, which serves as the center for horticultural knowledge in Finland and offers a variety of high-quality greenhouse supplies and technology for professional gardeners.

For greenhouses, Netled offers turn-key solutions from suitable light design to the delivery of light fixtures and installation accessories, including electrical cabinets and installation work. Our products are adjustable and can be attached to any automation system. Netled’s Overhead series is suitable for the growing of salads, herbs, flowers, and other pot plants as well as high-wire crops. In addition, our HPS Lighting is a great fit for all plants.

With this newly formed collaboration, our extremely energy-efficient greenhouse lighting will be available to an even broader domestic audience. Steelmark has profound know-how of greenhouse lighting and energy efficiency topped with local knowledge for the needs of any professional gardener.


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Netled launched an intensity update for the Overhead series in June 2020. Read more:

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In the photo: Steelmark sales ready for service. Markus Wiklund (on the left) and Mats Ribacka.